So many products and services are just about the same. Their prices are similar, one can’t tell the difference of offered value. One of things that can help you be something else is customer care. In both: good and bad way.

In Poland we have many companies that are small, so owners are the one to post on Facebook  (it’s almost always fanpage rather than something else). They might be good business people, but often terrible customer service Representative. They tend to take everything very personal. The minute some customer has issues they get angry and react very aggressive.

Someone complain, the owner says that have no right, or try to proofed them wrong. One has to remember customer care in social media is public, meaning anyone can read your conversation. The customer tries to defend and in many cases asks for help. New people are reading the thread, commenting, owner gets more and more angry as he is criticised. If badly – the post gets to a journalist that will write how badly thing got handled. In worst scenario topic gets to Wykop (Polish Digg) – from that point crisis is almost sure, since hundreds of people will come and give one star rewiev or comment. It will take days before situation will be over and there will be no new bad reviews.


Other possibility to loose your reputation online is to handle some customer problem badly. People read those comments and think – no, I don’t want to pay for this. In example: customer says he or she didn’t like the food in restaurant. Facebook administrator writes that they have check monitoring footage and they see, at the restaurante, that client had ate with joy, so one shouldn’t be complaining.

You, as a person that never been there, and you read such customer care handling – what do you think?

  1. Customer is wrong since he ate with joy
  2. Restaurant is wrong – customer can eat whole plate and complain afterwards
  3. Don’t care – there are so many nice restaurants – I don’t have to go to this one

I’m pretty sure it’s C. Even if a A – you don’t think that it’s a good idea to go there and eat.

Now imagine similar situation and restaurant answers that they are sorry, they work to be best possible but if the customer is not satisfied they invite him/her to come again and try their cooking. As a complementary dish they offer small dessert to sweeten up the sour of bad experience this time. Will you think that:

  1. Customer is wrong – they are too nice to make bad food
  2. Restaurant is wrong – they shouldn’t say they are sorry and offer a dessert
  3. Don’t care – I’ll go somewhere else
  4. That was nice, maybe I’ll go there to try the food

Probably c or d. That’s the difference about social media customer care. Try not to blame you customer.

Sometimes you will have no idea how badly you have been handling things, since nobody will say anything. But you’ll notice in money drop. Or less leads. That’s also social media crisis, even if it’s not in media or popular sites. People may be ignoring your company and you may have no clue about time.

Your customers are your money. Remember about that.



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