No, I haven’t got mad. Really, social media crisis can be absolutely something to win love and loyalty from your clients. And even strangers. How to do that?

What is a crisis?

The most important thing is to understand what a crisis is. A turn. A tipping point. A chance.


It’s not a bad thing. Nor being at the bottom.

It’s the moment when one can become a hero. Or a zero.


Doing good is never wrong

Your customer has a complain. You handle it properly. Good work! You just made a success out of potential social media crisis. As simple as that. In most of cases acting properly will not only calm the threat, but also help gain some positive emotions.


Crisis is a test for trust

You buy some product. Or use some service. You trust the company enough to pay them. Something goes wrong. The trust is questioned. Handling social media crisis helps regain the trust. Or even build a new one.

Now days you pay not only for the product or service – there are several similar companies offering the small stuff for similar price. But not all of can handle problems the same way. We trust more those, who can be professional.


Example? No problem!

I wanted to buy a book. I found it on Amazon and since it was quite expensive I ordered used. Month and a half later still didn’t got the book. So I wrote mail that I didn’t receive my order. Nice lady from bookshops said she’s sorry and refunded me. The next day I got the book. I asked where to sent money back. Nice lady wrote me that I don’t have to do it.

I could be angry, that I didn’t get the book I ordered. But some women in USA, who could absolutely not even answer the mail, reacted really good. There is great chance I will never be her customer again. But still- she acted as good as I could be her best customer.

That’s why I am very happy and shall say only good about this company although the I could be unhappy since I didn’t get my order on time

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