You know Starbucks, right? They developed a model to handle social media crisis (and I think also negative comments) called Latte. So – grab your coffee and rescue your reputation. How to handle social media crisis with latte?


First you need to know that someone has a problem. To do so, apart from checking your social media channels one needs social media monitoring – a tool that will inform us if our brand or product is mentioned in the Internet.



When you know that there is a problem – probably a negative comment – you can try to understand. Who is the victim? What happened? Is it true? Without understanding it’s hard to deal with it.



As I mentioned earlier, most of our customers will have no interest in saying anything bad about our company. Not because there is only good in your company. There are several reason to stop buying from you and there are some why regulars don’t write noes when they are unhappy: shame, no time or other factor making them change our business to competition. So if they choose to write a review or post something- thank them for the time and effort. They deserve it.


Take action

Don’t leave a post or a comment without any reaction. If having no idea what to do, just write that you read it and will respond in an hour (or so). Negative comment or some post about a bad thing linked with your company looks bad if left alone. One has no idea wheatear it’s because no one is reading posts, or that you have no idea what’s happening.


Encourage to return

Hoping you shall react well you can ask your customer to see you again, buy something or simply get back to your social media account. This is a kind of call to action, but beware – bad handling of a situation will make a person hate you more if asked to buy your product or service again.


Oh, and don’t forget to drink you coffee along – it helps to chill 😉

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